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3D AARO Custom Active Ambient IEM System
3D AARO Custom Active Ambient IEM System
3D AARO Custom Active Ambient IEM System

3D AARO Custom Active Ambient IEM System

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Sound Signature: studio reference, full range with controlled 3D ambience

Drivers: single or dual, full-range balanced armature, no crossover

Using our patented, tour-proven Active Ambient technology, 3D AARO is the only in-ear system that delivers full, controlled room ambience with both earpieces in place. 3D AARO (which stands for Active Ambient, Record Out) gives musicians their ears back.

The system consists of custom-fit soft silicone earphones with embedded binaural microphones to capture ambient sound with full 3D directionality. The ambience is routed to the compact bodypack mixer, where it is combined with the monitor mix and delivered to the ears with zero latency.

A convenient toggle allows instant switching between Perform Mode (used while playing) and Full Ambient Mode (for communication between songs). Internal controls include ambience volume control, Bass Boost, and Limiter. A stereo Microphones Out plug provides full access to the binaural ambience signal for recording.

3D AARO is the only in ear monitor system offering controlled ambience with 3D directionality, isolation from extreme volume, reference monitor response and the comfort of custom silicone earpieces. No other company has anything close.

"With radiohead, the 3d was totally the right way to go. the ambient soundstage is very natural sounding, and the band loved the system from the get-go.

"The great thing about the 3D is that is eliminates that 'I feel closed in' objection to in-ears. You feel closed in? Just turn up the ambience knob. Even one click changes the whole ballgame. Powerful stuff. With Radiohead, everyone was extremely happy with the 3D. On the whole tour, there were literally no complaints - I mean zero!”

mike prowda – Monitor engineer for radiohead & others

Features & Benefits


  • Active Ambient™ technology provides controlled 3D ambience with full earphone isolation
  • Embedded binaural microphones capture full-range natural ambience with accurate 3D directionality
  • Soft silicone custom-fit earphones for long-wearing comfort with up to 45.5 dB of isolation
  • Full-range drivers for reference quality sound without crossover distortion
  • Compact bodypack mixer combines monitor mix with ambient sound
  • Patented Active Signal Processing for distortion-free ambience capture up to 140 dB
  • Internal Bass Boost and Limiter switches for flexible operation
  • Field-replaceable cable system eliminates 80% of factory repairs
  • Microphones Out jack to enable external recording or processing of binaural ambience signal
  • Silicone earpieces absorb shock, protect internal components


3D Ambient Earphones: Full-shell custom silicone with embedded condenser microphones

  • Frequency Response: 20 to 16,000 Hz
  • Isolation: up to 45.5 dB; broadband average 37 dB
  • Ambient Microphone Input Overload, 500 Hz: 140dB-SPL
  • Ambient Microphone Insertion Gain: 0 dB (Full Ambient mode)
  • Cable: Silver, 48-inch length with integral bend maintainers and field-replaceable nylon screw connections

3D-AARO Bodypack Mixer

  • External Controls: Power switch (on/off), Mode switch (Performance, Full Ambient). I/O: Monitor mix input, IEMs output, Microphones Out jack.
  • Internal Controls: Ambient Level control (8-step rotary knob, 0 dB to -24dB insertion gain in 4 dB steps, and OFF).
  • Internal Switches: Bass Boost: Flat/+10 dB; Limiter Switch: On/Off; Earpiece Switch: Single/Dual driver
  • Limiter Type: Slow, average responding, frequency selective, linked left-right; dual independent for monitor and ambient signals

  • Power: 9V alkaline battery, >6 hours operation

Supplied Accessories: Hard-shell Pelican case with cleaning tool; 12-inch jumper cable with1/8-inch male stereo plugs; 1/8” to ¼” adapter, shirt clip, pocket storage pouch, detailed User Guide

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