3DME Custom Tour Gen2 debuts at NAMM 2022

New ASI Audio x Sensaphonics system adds Quad driver option among significant upgrades to Active Ambient™ Music Enhancement system

(Chicago, IL – June 3, 2022) Sensaphonics, the technology leader in personal monitoring and hearing wellness, announces the introduction of the 3DME Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM system. Building on the proven Active Ambient technology concept from ASI Audio x Sensaphonics, the new Gen2 Custom Tour version adds powerful, tour-ready features in a custom-fit, soft silicone design that delivers customized sound quality and unprecedented user control.

3DME Gen2 Custom Tour offers Sensaphonics’ first-ever quad-driver ambient earphone option, delivering amazing sound quality with maximum isolation and headroom. Also available in universal-fit, 3DME Gen2 is the only in-ear monitor system with the patented Active Ambient™ embedded binaural microphone system, capturing ambient stage sound while isolating the user from dangerous levels, adding immersive room ambience to the monitor mix with natural 3D directionality.

Key upgrades in 3DME Gen2 include a significant upgrade to high frequency response above 12 kHz; a smoother, more musical limiter attack; and the ability to set the limiter threshold as low as 76 dB-SPL. Other upgraded features include full 8-hour battery life for the rechargeable bodypack mixer, the ability to bypass all processing for the monitor feed, start-up squeal suppressor, and an improved CROS (Cross-lateral Routing Of Signal) option specifically designed for users with unilateral hearing loss.

Like the original 3DME Custom Tour system, the new Gen2 consists of Sensaphonics soft silicone ambient IEMs and a subcompact, rechargeable beltpack mixer for user control of ambience levels. The free ASI Audio smartphone app makes the sound quality every bit as customized as the fit of its IEMs, with powerful 7-band EQ and limiter functions for personal control. Gen2 upgrades include a choice of stereo or left/right processing, and independent processing of monitor and ambient audio, with a processing bypass option for the monitor feed.

With the unrivalled isolation of Sensaphonics custom-fit, soft silicone ambient earpieces, plus its powerful, app-controlled EQ and limiter, the 3DME Gen2 Custom Tour brings unmatched user control to every part of the in-ear stage experience.

The 3DME Gen2 is so flexible in application, it can be used as high-fidelity earplugs with variable level and custom EQ when attending concerts, movies, theater, or any high-volume environment. It is the new state of the art in tour-level in-ear monitoring and hearing protection.

“We are very excited to announce these Gen2 upgrades to the 3DME Custom Tour system, especially with our first-ever quad-driver IEMs,” says Dr. Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics President. “The Gen2 upgrades have really leveraged Active Ambient technology to create the most flexible, tour-ready IEM system out there, delivering fantastic sound quality with unmatched protection for musicians’ hearing.”

The new 3DME Custom Tour Gen2 will begin shipping in June. Pricing is $2,000 for the standard dual-driver version and $2,500 for the new quad. The universal-fit 3DME Gen2 – the core of the Custom Tour system – carries an MSRP of just $799. Both systems will be shipping imminently.

The system is making its industry debut at the 2022 NAMM Show in Anaheim, June 3-5. For full information and a live demo, attendees are encouraged to stop by the Sensaphonics-ASI Audio booth in Hall A, #12111.