How to Get Custom Products Made

It’s just three steps to getting in-ear monitors made specific to you. It’s not off-the-shelf. It’s a lifelong investment in your ear health, letting you keep doing what you love.

1. Get Ear Impressions

Stop by our Chicago clinic, visit one of our Gold Circle audiologists, or get a referral in your area for a hearing exam and impressions. Our printable instructions will let them know exactly what we need to create a device to your specific measurements.

2. Place Your Order

You can order through any Gold Circle audiologist, or place your order directly with us. In either case, we will need to receive your ear impressions before we can build your custom product. Our team of expert technicians will create the device to your exact specifications, from every fold of your ear to the exact style you want to show the world.

3. Receiving Your Product

Upon completion, we ship the product back to your audiologist, who will check the fit and instruct you on proper insertion, use, and care. If you have purchased your product from our Musicians Hearing Clinic, we will contact you for a fitting and pick-up at our office.

Find a Gold Circle Audiologist

To get your hearing exam done right and your impressions created perfectly, find one of our vetted and approved Gold Circle audiologists. The audiologist can provide the impression cost and schedule your appointment. With hundreds of audiologists across the country, there is one near you. It’s the easiest and best way to get your custom-made IEMs when you need them.

Placing Your Order Directly

If you want to place an order directly, you have a few options.

Come to our Musicians Hearing Clinic to choose your product options and make your payment in person.

Visit our online store, select your product options, and make your payment through our secure storefront.

Order by Phone. Call 877-848-1714 (outside the US, call 312-432-1714).

You’ll need to ship your ear impressions to us, together with your online order receipt or completed order form (PDF) and contact info. Pack them together in a sturdy box. We strongly recommend shipping via UPS or FedEx rather than the US Postal Service. Our shipping address is:

Sensaphonics, Inc.
Attn: Order Dept.
660 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

Frequently asked Questions

What if I’m On Tour?

Those who have used in-ear products in the past or who may be on tour may, of course, make arrangements for direct shipment of the finished product. However, we strongly recommend a fitting session, as proper insertion and fit are critical to hearing the full audio potential of your Sensaphonics IEMs.

Do you test products prior to use?

You won’t use any of our products until we know it works for you. We test through every step. We send our product to your audiologist who will check the fit and instruct you on proper insertion, use, and care. There is no substitution for quality and care. Even if you’re on the road, we make it work.

How much do the audiologist impressions cost?

The cost of the ear impressions for your in ear monitor will vary from audiologist-to-audiologist. When you call to make your appointment with one of our vetted Gold Circle audiologists, make sure to ask them for a cost estimate.

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