dB Check Pro
DB Check Pro Sound Level Analyzer
DB Check Pro Sound Level Analyzer
DB Check Pro Sound Level Analyzer
DB Check Pro Sound Level Analyzer

DB Check Pro Sound Level Analyzer

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Like a speedometer for your ears, db check pro shows real-time and average levels for IEMs or headphones, even with both earpieces inserted

Encourages smart listening by showing actual levels and safe listening time. Works with over 140 models from 12 brands [Click Here to view]

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The dB Check Pro sound level analyzer is an in-line measurement device for in-ear monitors and headphones. It uses patented technology (U.S. Patent #8,218,784) to analyze and display the real-time and average dBA-SPL levels, along with safe listening times, with both earpieces in place. IEM users in particular will benefit from having this key, real-time information when setting their listening levels on stage, in rehearsal, or in the studio.

Programmed for use with over 140 earphones from 12 major manufacturers, this patented device is the long-awaited answer to this question from IEM users: How loud are you listening?

Inserted in-line between the in-ears and sound source, dB Check Pro automatically displays the key "how loud, for how long" information, including safe exposure time under both NIOSH and OSHA guidelines. It also includes an integral microphone to show ambient room levels as well. In short, dB Check Pro is designed to help musicians and sound engineers make smart, informed choices on their hearing health.

Features & Benefits

  • Measures A-weighted volume level (dBA-SPL) of IEMs and headphones in real time, with both earpieces in place

  • Displays both average and simultaneous (1-sec. avg.) levels
  • Displays Allowable Time (daily safe exposure) under both NIOSH and OSHA guidelines
  • Pressure-sensitive screen for easy, intuitive setup and operation
  • Timer enables averaging for 1, 15, or 60 minutes, or Continuous
  • Integrated microphone for measuring ambient room levels
  • View options: IEM/headphones, Room ambience, or Both
  • Works with over 140 IEM & headphone models from 12 brands, with more to come via firmware updates
  • 11 hours of power from its USB-C rechargeable Li-lon battery
  • Charging cable also enables future firmware updates
  • Has no effect on sound quality or level; passes audio with Power off


  • Description: In-line, real-time sound level analyzer for in-ear monitors and headphones
  • Frequency response: A-weighted, for measurement only
  • Dynamic range, IEMs: 50 to ~130BA-SPL (dependent on IEM model selected)
  • Dynamic range, ambient microphone: 50 to ~130 dBA-SPL
  • Battery: Li-Ion, USB-C rechargeable
  • Battery life: 11 hours per full charge, minimum 500 charge cycles
  • Weight: 94 grams (3.3 ounces)
  • Size: 85.5mm(H) x 49.3mm(W) x 24.4mm(D); full depth is 32mm including battery clip
  • Included accessories: Hard-shell Pelican case with Quick Start guide; USB-C charging cable and audio jumper cable.

Available Downloads

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