Etymotic Music PRO electronic earplugs, universal fit
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Etymotic Music Pro Electronic Earplugs

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Universal-fit electronic earplugs with level-sensitive operation and user-selectable noise reduction

Etymotic Music Pro electronic earplugs automatically changes output levels as external levels change. When levels are safe (below 85 dB), hearing is natural, as if nothing were in the ears. As sound levels increase, Music Pro provides a selectable 9 dB or 15 dB of sound reduction. It also includes dedicated protection against sudden, loud sounds.

With 15 dB attenuation selected, natural hearing continues until safe levels are exceeded. In the 9 dB mode, Music Pro adds 6 dB of gain for soft sounds, and adds 9 dB of protective reduction when hearing is at risk.

Etymotic provides a selection of ACCU-Fit eartips as part of the product. For a more secure, higher isolation fit, you may upgrade your Music PRO plugs with Sensaphonics custom-fit soft silicone sleeves. We are the Etymotic preferred provider for custom sleeves.

Note: Order Ear Pro and custom-fit silicone sleeves together and save! Check out our Etymotic Music Pro Custom Bundle.

To order any of the other Etymotic electronic earplug models, including GunSport Pro and the HD 15, please call or contact us.