AES Show News - Dr. Santucci speaking at virtual convention

(October 26, 2020) The virtual AES Show begins Tuesday, October 27. First-day highlights include a group presentation, “Safe Engineering for Safe Listening,” hosted by World Health Organization Technical Officer Shelly Chadha and featuring several key members of the WHO Listen Safe initiative, including Sensaphonics President, Dr. Michael Santucci.

This 90-minute workshop will be streamed live beginning 5:30pm CDT on Tuesday 10/27. All AES members and convention attendees can log in at to access the event. Just go to the Technical Program page schedule.

This workshop explores the WHO’s Listen Safe global initiative as it applies to live sound engineering on a practical level. Topics include WHO-ITU standards for safe devices and systems; regulatory proposals for sound exposure in entertainment venues, and how engineers can best protect themselves and their clients. 

Experts from music-related fields present various aspects of the WHO program, with a focus on the critical role sound engineers can play in the global battle for safe listening. Participants include:

Shelly Chadha, Technical Officer, World Health Organization, Switzerland
Kaloyan Kamenov, Consultant, World Health Organizationm Switzerland
Michael Santucci, AuD, President, Sensaphonics, Inc, USA
Mark Laureyns, President, AEA European Assn of Hearing Aid Professionals
Adam J. Hill, University of Derby, UK
Ian Wiggins, University of Nottingham, UK
Marcel Kok, CEO, dBcontrol, Netherlands

In addition, Dr. Santucci will be participating in Thursday's AES Roundtable Discussion on sound reinforcement. This 1-hour Q&A event will be streamed live on October 29 from 1:30-2:30pm CDT.

All AES members and attendees should make it a point to view these online events! For more information, visit the AES website.