ASI Audio x Sensaphonics, 3DME in-ears win Hearing Technology Innovator Awards

ASI Audio x Sensaphonics and its flagship 3DME in-ear monitor system have won major recognition in the 2023 Hearing Technology Innovator (HTI) Awards. The 3DME G2 IEM System won the In-Ear Monitor category, while its manufacturer, ASI Audio x Sensaphonics, was shosen for the prestigious Innovator of the Year Award. The HTI Awards is presented by Hearing Health & Technology Matters. Reposting from their Hearing Health Matters winners announcement:

Innovator of the Year: ASI Audio by Sensaphonics

This year’s Innovator of the Year title has been awarded to ASI Audio by Sensaphonics for the company’s 3DME In-Ear-Monitor (IEM) system.

The company received the most votes by an international panel of independent judges, based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation – Technology that represents novel thinking in addressing habilitation of acquired hearing loss, its treatment and delivery.
  • Effectiveness – Technological advances that best address limitations of previous generations of technology
  • Efficiency – Advances that best close the distance between hearing care and the end-user
  • Utility – Innovation that promotes greater ease of use by the end-user and/or practitioner

“The 3DME Gen2 is an in-ear monitoring system that allows musicians to both protect their hearing and also enhance it through wide band, built in, external microphones that are controlled by a smartphone app. ASI Audio by Sensaphonics is a company dedicated to the prevention of hearing disorders in the music industry. We are honored to be chosen as Innovator of the Year.”

–Dr. Michael Santucci, CEO and President of ASI Audio and Sensaphonics