Black Friday Sale offers $75 off dB Check Pro

Sensaphonics has announced its 2023 Black Friday Sale: the first-ever discount on the new dB Check Pro in-ear sound level analyzer. It's the only device that can answer these key questions for IEM users: "How loud am I listening?" and "How long can I listen safely at this level?"

The sale runs from Black Friday plus another full week, ending at midnight on December 1st. During that time, all online orders for dB Check Pro will be automatically discounted $75 at checkout, reducing the price from $500 to just $425.

The dB Check Pro is designed to help musicians and sound engineers in setting levels. It displays how loud your IEMs are, and how long you can listen safely at that volume - critical information for performers in loud environments, where even a few decibels can make a big difference in reducing the risk of hearing injury.

Programmed to work with the most popular IEMs and headphones from 12 manufacturers, dB Check Pro is poised to help artists and engineers across the music industry. For full information, visit the dB Check Pro product page.