Bye2020 year-end sale discounts ALL custom-fit products

Because 2020 has been a such a challenging year for the live performance industry, Sensaphonics has decided to replace its usual holiday sale with a heartfelt "Good-bye, 2020" and discounts on every custom-fit, soft silicone product we make. What kind of discount? Well, 20 percent, of course!

The Bye2020 discount applies to all custom IEMs, Musicians Earplugs, and Silicone Custom Sleeves. We’re even including our communications products – a rare event indeed!

Here’s the deal: just order online using Coupon Code Bye2020, and you’ll get 20% off on our outstanding custom products.

In-ear monitors:
3MAX, 2MAX, 2X-S, D2, and 221

Hearing protection:
Musicians Earplugs and Solid Sleep Plugs

Silicone Custom Sleeves:
Upgrade 3DME and most Shure/Etymotic universal-fit IEMs to custom fit

Communications earpieces:
TC-1000 for intercom, 321 for IFB, and e-Racer for motorsports

Whether you're a musician, sound engineer, crew member of music fan, we have the right product at the right price for you. Have questions? Need recommendations? Give us a call at 321-432-1714 during business hours, or just send us an email at

So help us say “Bye2020” and join in our optimism that 2021 will see a return to normalcy, with artists performing, engineers mixing, and crews making it all happen for the fans. When that time comes, Sensaphonics - the experts in safe sound - will be here for you.

For now, if you need fresh in-ear products, this final month of 2020 is the time to buy!