Sensaphonics NAMM News

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Here, we will provide all the news revealed at NAMM, with details on Show Specials and links to new products. Let's get right to it...

Sensaphonics NAMM News

3DME BT Gen 2 Music Enhancement IEM System

Just two years ago, our sister company, ASI Audio Inc. was born, creating the new ASI Audio x Sensaphonics brand and introducing the revolutionary 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System. At NAMM 2022, we are taking that concept to a higher level. Here's how:

  • NEW PRODUCT #1 - ASI Audio x Sensaphonics is introducing the 3DME Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System. This powerful universal-fit product features Active Ambient technology, on-board EQ and limiter controlled by the ASI Audio app, and significant feature upgrades. Shipping is imminent. Full info at PRODUCT PAGE LINK

  • 3DME Custom Tour Gen2, ruby glitter
    NEW PRODUCT #2 - 3DME Gen2 Custom Tour - now available in our first-ever quad driver version. Using 3DME Gen2 as a base, we have designed the pro touring version, complete with soft silicone, custom-fit ambient earpieces. Available in standard dual driver and our all-new Quad. And yes, shipping is imminent. For full info, visit this PRODUCT PAGE LINK.

  • SHOW SPECIALS - As always, Sensaphonics will be offering special pricing on all our custom products during NAMM - including $200 off custom IEMs and $500 off Musicians Earplugs and custom-fit sleeves. At NAMM, our Gold Circle audiologists will be in the booth, providing free on-site ear impressions with all orders. Can't make it to Anaheim? You can still get show special pricing when ordering online, now through June 18th. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

  • In Anaheim, we've moved across the aisle to Booth #12111 in Hall A. We are expanding to a 10x40 space, partnering with our sister company, ASI Audio to provide compelling live demos throughout the NAMM Show.

Now, some basics on 3DME Music Enhancement:

3DME is based on Sensaphonics’ patented, tour-proven Active Ambient™ technology, using embedded binaural microphones to capture and deliver stage ambience while isolating the ears from excessive noise levels.

This next-generation system takes Music Enhancement to the next level, with enhanced high frequency response, Bluetooth control of the ASI Audio control app, and pro touring upgrades like a choice of stereo or left/right processing, independent EQ and limiting for monitor and ambient feeds, and a processing bypass option for the monitor mix. At the same time, the basic functionality of the system, including user control of features like ambience level, 7-band EQ, adjustable limiting, settings library, etc. remain.

3DME Gen2 is available in universal-fit for just $799 MSRP. It can be upgraded to custom fit with Sensaphonics Silicone Custom Sleeves ($175 plus ear impressions), and is also available in a pro touring version, the 3DME Gen2 Custom Tour, with the maximum isolation and comfort of full soft silicone earpieces.

The 3DME Gen2 Custom Tour has also been upgraded with a new quad-driver option -- our first-ever 4-driver, custom-fit ambient earphones! Pricing for the Gen2 Custom Tour system remains unchanged at $2,000 for the standard dual-driver, with the innovative new quad-driver version going for $2,500 MSRP.

All versions of the 3DME Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System are scheduled to ship on June 15. The will be displayed in the Sensaphonics/ASI Audio booth, #12111 in Hall A at NAMM 2022 in Anaheim, June 3-5.