Sensaphonics Gold Circle Seminar trains musician-specialized audiologists

(Chicago, IL – July 8, 2019) Continuing its mission to save hearing in the music industry, Sensaphonics recently held a Gold Circle Seminar in Chicago. Five audiologists from across the U.S. learned the basics of live sound production along with insights on how to help musicians and sound engineer to achieve both robust stage monitoring while retaining their long-term hearing health. Sensaphonics President Dr. Michael Santucci and sound engineering consultant Joe Tessone of Mystery Street Recording Company teach the two-day seminar.

Gold Circle seminar 0619

“One of the biggest issues with in-ear monitors is that they aren’t covered in audiology school,” says Santucci. “The Gold Circle Seminar fills that gap by teaching how IEMs work, how they are used professionally, and how they can be used more safely. Where others offer vague suggestions on how to use in-ears safely, Sensaphonics remains uniquely committed to musicians’ hearing health.”

The 2-day seminar goes far beyond taking ear impressions for custom IEMs, providing a unique mix of practical and technical product information. Participants learn through a series of classroom sessions covering topics like in-ear monitoring and hearing protection technology for musicians; concert sound system design, backstage etiquette, and marketing to musicians, production personnel, and fans. Attendees are also trained in taking proper ear impressions to Sensaphonics specifications. The seminar concludes with a hands-on live music rehearsal at Mystery Street Recording Company in Chicago, working directly with a live band experiencing in-ear monitors for the first time.

Audiologists earning their Gold Circle membership: Jill Davis Au.D. of Victory Hearing & Balance, West Lake Hills, TX; Terry Alsum Au.D. of Kaczmarski Hearing Services, Wyoming, MI; Julie M. Link Au.D. of The Audiology Method, Centennial, CO; Ram Nileshwar Au.D. of The Hearing Center of Lake Charles, LA; and Alicia D.D. Spoor Au.D. of Designer Audiology in Highland, MD.

“We’re proud to welcome these new members to the Sensaphonics Gold Circle,” says Dr. Michael Santucci, President. “Their clients, especially musicians and sound engineers, can be confident that our Gold Circle audiologists have the expertise to help protect their hearing throughout their careers.”