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3DME Custom Tour Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System
3DME Custom Tour Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System
3DME Custom Tour Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System
3DME Custom Tour Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System
3DME Custom Tour Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System

3DME Custom Tour Gen2 Music Enhancement IEM System

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Technology: Active Ambient in-ear monitors in custom-fit soft silicone, with bodypack mixer and unique app-driven stereo EQ & limiter.

Drivers: Choose standard Dual Driver or optional Quad Driver version. Both are balanced armature with embedded 3D ambience mics

System includes: Custom Tour IEMs, rechargeable bodypack mixer, & ASI Audio app for setup & control via iOS & Android devices. Also includes one pair of universal-fit Active Ambient IEMs as spare/demo.

The Custom Tour Gen2 is the pro touring version of 3DME from ASI Audio x Sensaphonics, which uses Active Ambient technology so IEM users can hear their surroundings with natural 3D directionality with both earphones in place. The embedded binaural microphone system captures room sound, which is then routed to a compact bodypack and mixed with the monitor feed at user-controlled levels using simple up/down switches.

The Gen2 upgrade features custom-fit soft silicone IEMs with our first-ever Quad Driver optional (dual drivers standard). Both models feature improved high frequency response, with the embedded ambience mics guaranteed distortion-free up to 135 dB.

The system also features 7-band stereo EQ and limiter onboard with settings library, all controlled via the ASI Audio app. Gen2 upgrades include choice of stereo or left/right processing, which is ideal for creating a personalized, balanced sound. System also now includes processing bypass option for monitor feed, plus an option for Cross-lateral Routing Of Signal (CROS) for artists with severe unilateral hearing loss.

This product is the upgraded successor to the 3DME and 3D AARO systems. It is fully compatible with wireless personal monitor bodypack systems and portable digital devices.


  • 3DME Custom Tour Gen2 is a state-of-the-art Active Ambient IEM System that captures and adds controlled stage ambience to the monitor mix for spatial awareness with both earpieces securely in place
  • Choice of all-new Quad Driver or Dual Driver IEMs, both in soft silicone with embedded binaural MEMS mic system to capture ambient sound in 3D, distortion-free up to 135 dB.
  • Subcompact, USB-rechareable bodypack mixer with +/- ambience level control, housing 7-band EQ, threshold-adjustable limiter, Audio Seal Test and settings library. Gen2 mixer is USB-rechargeable with 8 hours batter life
  • Free ASI Audio app allows control of bodypack processing via any iOS or Android personal device via Bluetooth
  • Soft silicone IEMs provide long-wearing comfort, maximum isolation, and maintain seal during jaw movement for full bass response
  • Field-replaceable cable (matte silver or black), 53 inches long and secured by nuylon screw at earpieces
  • Supplied with a spare pair of universal-fit IEMs, plus audio jumper cable, USB charging cable, IEM cleaning tool, and shirt clip - all in a custom carrying case
  • Compatible with all popular IEM systems and portable audio devices


  • Custom IEMs - Type: Custom-molded, choice of Quad of Dual driver design. Active Ambient earphones with full shell silicone earpieces and embedded MEMS mics for full-range 3D ambience pickup
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Ambience mics input overload: 135 dB-SPL
  • Input Sensitivity (500 Hz) - 102 dB-SPL for -20 dBV input
  • Limiter Threshold: Gen2 lower threshold extended to 76 dB; can be set up to 105 dB-SPL, stereo or left/right, or Off for external limiting
  • Stereo Equalizer: +/-12 dB, 7 bands centered at 60, 140, 330, 770, 1800, 4300, and 10,000 Hz. Adjustable in stereo or separately left/right for ambience and monitor mix feeds
  • Bodypack battery life: Gen2 upgrade to full 8 hours. USB rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Isolation: up to 45.5 dB; broadband avg. 37 dB
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 29 dB
  • IEM weight: 1 ounce (approx)

Instructions For Getting Your Ear Impressions

To ensure the maximum protection and quality, our in-ear monitors are custom fit to your ear. After your order is placed, please follow these steps to ensure successful delivery of your custom-fit IEM.

1. Download our detailed impression instructions

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