Jodi-Vac (Pro) IEM vacuum

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Sensaphonics offers Jodi-Vac vacuum systems as a compact, portable, affordable cleaning solution for in-ear products. This small, powerful unit is very quiet and extremely efficient. Its motor carries an industrial rating of 2000 hours of continuous operation. A professional favorite, Jodi-Pro is great for tour busses, venues, studios, or wherever the job takes you.

Take a few minutes each night to remove wax and debris from sound ports before it builds up and requires professional service. The Jodi-Vac filter is replaceable, non-serviceable. Wax collects in filter and home use should get 6 months service. Ball located behind filter is a flow indicator.

Jodi-Pro operates at 12VDC, and comes with a small desktop Energy Star transformer. It accepts AC voltage from 100-240vac, operating at 50/60Hz converting to 12VDC. Interchangeable AC cords are available as required.