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Custom-fit products require ear impressions using Sensaphonics approved techniques.
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Custom Sleeves for Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro
Custom Sleeves for Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro
Custom Sleeves for Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro
Apple AirPods with custom sleeves
Custom Sleeves for Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro
Custom Sleeves for Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro
Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro (not included with SCS purchase)

Custom Sleeves for Apple AirPod & AirPod Pro

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Silicone custom sleeves bring secure fit & long-wearing comfort to the world of wireless AirPods

Designed specifically for Apple(R) AirPod and AirPod Pro wireless earphones, Sensaphonics Silicone Custom Sleeves (SCS) improve comfort and sound while virtually eliminating the danger of losing an earpiece. Great on planes and trains, fantastic for workouts, and awesome for Zoom meetings! SCS is an independent aftermarket product, computer printed in transparent soft silicone from your ear impressions to produce a secure, low profile fit.

Our unique design gives you the same fit and seal you see professional musicians enjoying on stage, and they solve the two biggest problems with AirPods earpieces – comfort and secure fit. Never again will you lose an earpiece while on the go! In addition, you'll finally have repeatable, comfortable fit. Flexible, soft silicone extends deep into the ear canal, holding the earbuds securely in place while shutting out unwanted distractions. Precisely placed cutouts permit easy access to the controls.

In addition to their long-wearing comfort, Silicone Custom Sleeves deliver outstanding bass response due to their full seal. By isolating your ears with over 30 dB of broadband isolation from unwanted noise, you can hear music, podcasts, and phone calls more clearly at lower, safer volume levels.

By scanning impressions of your ear canals, our Silicone Custom Sleeves are computer printed, then hand-finished to provide low-profile, secure, truly personal custom fit. Simply place your order online, then have a local audiologist take ear impressions [see below for instructions] and send them to us. Your custom-fit sleeves are then handcrafted in our lab and shipped directly to you. Two weeks manufacturing time is typical.

NOTE: Sensaphonics does not sell or distribute Apple products. We are an independent after-market supplier.

Instructions For Getting Your Ear Impressions

To ensure the maximum protection and quality, our in-ear monitors are custom fit to your ear. After your order is placed, please follow these steps to ensure successful delivery of your custom-fit IEM.

1. Download our detailed impression instructions

Download and print our ear impression instructions. Take the instructions with you to your audiologist appointment. The impressions must meet these specifications.


In order to get professional made ear impressions, you must schedule an appointment with an audiologist. View our list of approved audiologists or contact us.


Ship the completed ear impressions (UPS/FedEx) and a receipt of your online order (or this order form) to:

660 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

We'll be in touch when your in-ear monitor is ready.