From local artists in our hometown of Chicago to the biggest names in touring sound, we’ve been helping musicians, sound engineers, and other music lovers to preserve their hearing for over 30 years.


We design our products to protect musicians’ hearing while delivering outstanding audio performance. We make our custom IEMs in soft silicone to deliver the highest isolation in the industry, and we can prove it! In fact, Sensaphonics is the ONLY manufacturer whose custom IEMs carry a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR 29dB). While others post their isolation claims without proof, ours is documented by an independent testing lab. The isolation of all Sensaphonics custom IEMs – up to 47.6 dB reduction, with a broadband average of 37 dB – is the highest and most hearing-safe in the industry.

“I’ve always been a freak about preserving my ears.”

“I’m super concerned about it, not just on stage, but when I go to shows or even parties. I tell all my friends, ‘invest in your ears.’ If you love music, it’s really important. Frankly, I think that Sensaphonics is what every musician should be using.”

-Reggie Watts
Music director/vocalist/keyboards, The Late Late Show with James Corden

Which custom-fit in-ear monitor is right for you?

We have the right solution for your needs and are here to help you find the right option. Here are our four best-selling models.

3DME CUSTOM TOUR Gen2 Active Ambient IEM System

$2500 Quad Driver

$2000 Dual Driver

$799 Universal-fit

● Patented Active Ambient™ embedded mics add stage sound to your mix
● Bodypack mixer provides full +/- ambience level control with both IEMs safely in place
● Free ASI Audio app (iOS/Android) controls L/R levels, 7-band EQ, limiter from your own Bluetooth device
● Enhances any instrument, any musical style, onstage & off
● Acts as tunable hi-fidelity earplugs as well



● Our most popular IEM model - by far
● Designed for lead vocals - fantastic for every instrument!
● Studio reference sound signature, beloved by sound engineers
● Optimized for onstage wireless (Hardwired? See our 2X-S)
● Clients: Lorde, Chance the Rapper, Coldplay, Mary J. Blige



● Designed for anyone who’s “all about that bass”
● Triple driver design with twin bass speakers for added punch
● Seductive low-end paired with clean, clear mids and highs
● Designed for DJs, bassists, drummers & all bass lovers
● Clients: My Morning Jacket, Gregg Bissonette (drums), Téja (bass)



● Incredible value – lowest price for Sensaphonics custom IEMs
● TEC Award nominated, crossover-free design
● Dual dynamic drivers in our proprietary Dynamic Resonance Chamber™
● Maximum headroom with extended lows and excellent clarity
● Clients: Xavier Rudd and band, Breaking In A Sequence