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TC-1000 custom earpiece with boom mic and belt pack
TC-1000 headset being worn, side view

TC-1000 Custom-fit Intercom Headset

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NOTICE: The TC-1000 is discontinued as of March 28, 2024. We regret any inconvenience.

Sensaphonics is retaining all remaining in-stock parts For TC-1000 service and repairs. For service details, Contact us.

Originally designed for two-way speech communications on the noisy trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, the TC-1000 is used by touring, venue, and broadcast production personnel. It consists of a noise-canceling gooseneck microphone attached to a single, custom-fit silicone earphone. Superior isolation reduces stage ambience, allowing clearer audio at lower levels, with a deep, secure fit that will never fall out of your ear. Flexible and light-weight, the TC-1000 can be worn comfortably all day. For maximum hearing protection, consider using a custom, filtered earplug for the exposed ear. TC-1000 interfaces with all standard intercom systems.

Features & Benefits


  • Directional microphone and high isolation earpiece for clear, two-way communication
  • Ear-mounted gooseneck microphone for precise placement and maximum noise reduction
  • Industry-leading isolation minimizes ambient stage sound for audio at lower volumes
  • Flexible silicone earpieces for superior, long-wearing comfort
  • Compatible with all popular intercom systems including ClearCom, RTS and Telex



  • Earphone type: custom-molded, full shell, single driver soft silicone earpiece

  • Microphone type: Noise-cancelling cardioid condenser with
    swivel gooseneck

  • Frequency Response: 200 - 6000 Hz

  • Impedance: 725 ohms @ 1kHz, 395 ohms @ 500 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 100 dB-SPL (@ 0.1V)

  • Distortion: < 2% @ 800 Hz

  • Max Power Output: 104 dB SPL

  • Isolation: Up to 45.5 dB; broadband average 37 dB

  • Noise Reduction Rating: NRR 29 dB

  • Cable: 36-inch coiled cable. Custom cable available

  • Weight: 1 ounce (approx.) for earpiece/microphone

  • Power Compact bodypack provides phantom power for microphone. 2xAA batteries required

  • Supplied Accessories: hard-shell Pelican case, cleaning tool.

Instructions For Getting Your Ear Impressions

To ensure the maximum protection and quality, our in-ear monitors are custom fit to your ear. After your order is placed, please follow these steps to ensure successful delivery of your custom-fit IEM.

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